17 - 21 Diploma Program

17-21 Diploma Program:  The 17-21 Diploma Program is an alternative option for students to complete their required coursework. The 17-21 Diploma Program is housed at the Integrated Arts Academy, in a designated classroom. Students in the 17-21 Diploma Program use the online program Edmentum to complete course work.  Each completed course is worth 0.5 credit. Students work through the online courses at their own pace to meet their remaining graduation requirements. The teacher will set up a schedule with each student, but generally the hours students report in-person are between 2:00-5:00 pm. Our 17-21 Diploma Program students are required to meet with their teacher in person once per week. Students who graduate from the 17-21 Diploma Program may choose to participate in the IAA graduation ceremony. When students graduate, they will receive their diploma from their home high school. If a student is from outside the district, Chaska High School is listed as their home high school.

If you are interested in learning more about the 17-21 Diploma Program, please see your counselor at Chaska or Chanhassen high school.  If you are out of district, please contact Principal Charboneau-Folch.