Site Improvement Plan

Strategic Direction #1: Improving teaching and personalized learning for the development of each learner.

 How will   we   measure? The percentage of all students enrolled for the full school year in Grades 9-12 at IAA who meet their individual credit attainment goal for the school year, as documented in their CLP, will increase from 79.3% in 2022-2023 school year to 81.3% in 2023-2024
 What are   we doing?
  • Utilizing BARR (Building Assets Reducing Risks) data to identify students on track to graduate and using targeted interventions
  • Staff development on Project Based Learning to improve practices and assessment
  • Focus on ensuring all students have a career or college pathway post graduation
 What will   you notice?
  • Continued focus on maintaining regular attendance
  • Offering new elective courses in addition to other personalized pathways
  • Create more student voice through academic opportunities


Strategic Direction #2: Fostering a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment

 How will   we   measure?  Based on the student survey sent out by the   district in the 2022-2023 school year, 75% of IAA   students will agree with the statement “I am   accepted, welcomed, and valued for who I am,   and my unique identity is recognized and   celebrated.”
 What are   we doing?
  • Using i-time lessons to build community in advisory
  • Embedding diversity, equity, and inclusion into our work
  • Arranging diverse educational experiences for students in our community
 What will   you notice?
  • Students have a positive daily desired experience at school
  • Students feel our school is inclusive and welcoming of all
  • Student voice is validated and encouraged