Planting Seeds for Life-Long Learning: Our School Garden

Our school garden is thriving! Every spring, Integrated Arts Academy students plant vegetables and other plants that directly benefit our culinary arts, horticultural, and textile and floral design programs. Come fall harvest, students will use the herbs in culinary class. Integrated Arts Academy students also collaborate with Eastern Carver County Schools elementary students on gardening, furthering the sustainable teaching model of school gardens. Not only do students enjoy the school garden and have fun taking care of it, but they also walk away with a strong sense of community and environmental stewardship. This sustainable model makes for great learning opportunities.... Continue reading Planting Seeds for Life-Long Learning: Our School Garden

Bus Information on Campus Portal this summer for 2018-19 school year

Bus schedules for the upcoming school year will be posted online on your child’s Campus Portal account in late July. With the exception of Special Education students, no letters will be mailed to student homes. Transportation forms and important information for the next school year will be posted on the Transportation webpage. The first day of school for grades 2-12 is Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2018. Kindergarten and 1st grades start on Thursday, Sept. 6,... Continue reading Bus Information on Campus Portal this summer for 2018-19 school year

Summer 2018 Chromebook Information

Will students be able to use the district-issued Chromebook during the summer? Students in grades three through eleven who were issued a Chromebook this year will be allowed to take their Chromebook home for the summer. During that time they will be responsible for taking care of their district-issued device.  If a family does not want their child to have the Chromebook over the summer, the student must return the Chromebook and charger to their school’s media center before leaving for the summer. When school resumes in the fall, the same Chromebook and charger will be returned to the student during the first week of school. Consider a Protection Plan to reduce or eliminate potential fees (chargers are not covered by the protection plan) from accidental loss or damage. During the first or second week of school (each school will provide detailed directions), incoming sixth and ninth grade students will exchange their current Chromebook for a new one. Returning your Chromebook Think... Continue reading Summer 2018 Chromebook Information

Parent/Guardian access to district Chromebooks

Eastern Carver County Schools is expanding parent/guardian access to the district’s Chromebook security software. As part of our commitment to safe and effective use of technology, parents will be able to view a report of all web traffic on their student’s Chromebook. Web traffic is filtered and monitored on district-provided Chromebooks regardless of where the device connects to the Internet – at home, school, a friend’s house or coffee shop. Sites that are blocked in school remain blocked outside of school. Our monitoring provider is called Securly, for more information about them, visit ·         Look for a weekly email summary report from on Wednesday nights.  Or you may also logon to the Securly web portal anytime using your email address. First time users, enter your email address and click “ Forgot Password?”  to get an initial password. ·         Eastern Carver County Schools monitors all internet access from any device... Continue reading Parent/Guardian access to district Chromebooks

New District Giving Campaign Coming in November

The District 112 Foundation is a non-profit organization separate from the school district with an independent board of directors. For the first time in the district’s 112 years, the foundation will sponsor a charitable giving campaign. The foundation’s goals include supporting student activities, reducing students’ economic insecurity, building an alumni association and creating an endowment fund. Residents of Eastern Carver County Schools will be asked to consider supporting the District 112 Foundation in November. Watch your mailboxes for more information on how to support the foundation. Remember, the District 112 Foundation is separate from Eastern Carver County Schools — individuals have a choice whether to give to the foundation.   One way your students benefit from the District 112 Foundation is through teacher grants. Individual teachers and staff apply for funds from the foundation. Supporting for the District 112 Foundation goes directly back into our schools (this is only... Continue reading New District Giving Campaign Coming in November