Eastern Carver County Schools is expanding parent/guardian access to the district’s Chromebook security software. As part of our commitment to safe and effective use of technology, parents will be able to view a report of all web traffic on their student’s Chromebook. Web traffic is filtered and monitored on district-provided Chromebooks regardless of where the device connects to the Internet – at home, school, a friend’s house or coffee shop. Sites that are blocked in school remain blocked outside of school.

Our monitoring provider is called Securly, for more information about them, visit www.securly.com.

·         Look for a weekly email summary report from support@securly.com on Wednesday nights.  Or you may also logon to the Securly web portal anytime using your email address. First time users, enter your email address and click “ Forgot Password?”  to get an initial password.

·         Eastern Carver County Schools monitors all internet access from any device that connects to our network at school. This includes personal devices, however, the district cannot and does not monitor personal devices outside of school. There is no report available for a personal device used at school, only for district-provided Chromebooks.

·         In the Securly web portal you have the option to permit/restrict Internet access when your student’s Chromebook is away from school. You have the option to block additional categories of websites along with specific sites. You are not able to change sites which have been blocked by the district or change the district’s blocked categories.

·         Look here for more FAQs about Securly’s Parent Portal.

Harness the power … of conversations
Eastern Carver County Schools is a strong partner with our families. But teachers and district staff cannot do it alone, particularly when technology is used 24/7. Access to a student’s Chromebook web traffic gives parents information to have discussions about how your children use their Chromebooks and access the Internet. Internet monitoring is most effective when parents and guardians review the information and talk with their students.

Review the Parent Report
A weekly parent report will be emailed to the primary and secondary custodial parents as listed in Campus Portal.  The report will provide you information regarding Sites, Educational Sites, Searched Words, and Video.  At the top of each email you may also click on “Visit your portal” for more details and your student(s) internet activity.  In addition, as a parent you may also log in to the Securly web portal anytime using your email address.